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Powershell and Continuous Integration (JENKINS)

What if I told you a deployment to a production environment that includes starting servers, archiving logs, managing the load balancer, restarting IIS and priming the website could be completed with a simple click of a button in Jenkins (Continuous Integration). Sounds like a dream come true. Let’s see how we were able to make this a reality! Continue reading

Powershell 101

First let me start by saying I have only been using Powershell for a month now.  The learning curve has been quick, there is a lot of great documentation online and for all you .net developers out there you’re in luck, it is build on the .net platform.

Do not be scared of this thing called Powershell, for developers and administrators it is a godsend and will make your work life 10x easier. You can write scripts to manage deployments, run maintenance scripts, or just automate manual tasks.  You can even schedule powershell scripts. Continue reading