Solr Sitecore Config – What does this all mean?

By the time you finish reading this blog post you should have a good understanding of the key points in the Solr configuration file.  I always look at things like a big puzzle, and when you have put more pieces together, the more you understand what it is you are working with and everything around you.  Hopefully this blog post will add a couple pieces to your puzzle… Continue reading

Learn how to use the Solr Web Admin

Solr provides you with a really slick web interface you can use to look at the raw data living in your indexes. It gives you access to current memory levels, index sizes (both file size and how many documents are contained in the index), as well the ability to query the data. This is a tool I use nearly every day and this blog post will take you through how to use it. Continue reading

Spatial Search

Did they spell special wrong, what is spatial?

A spatial query is unique because it utilizes points, lines, and polygons to make a relationship between geometries. There are many queries that can be applied to these data types but for this blog post we are going to focus on distance. Our goal in implementing a spatial query was to input coordinates (latitude/longitude) and a desired distance (10 miles for example) and get a set of results back that were within the desired distance.  How did we do this, keep reading 🙂 Continue reading

Sitecore MVC and the InsertRenderings Pipeline

The Collette website runs on Sitecore MVC, we are in the process of upgrading to the latest version of Sitecore 8. Mark Stiles and I were working on the genetic algorithm and noticed that my pipeline was not being hit.

I had this problem several months ago as well and ended up implementing that functionality outside of the pipelines because I couldn’t figure it out.

Well guess what! We found out why and it’s because of MVC! Sitecore MVC does not use the insertRenderings pipeline, it uses instead the mvc.getPageRendering pipeline. A quick change to use the new type of arguments and we were golden.

I defintiely wanted to share this experience. We actually found this because of a blog post we came across, which I can now not find…


Powershell and Continuous Integration (JENKINS)

What if I told you a deployment to a production environment that includes starting servers, archiving logs, managing the load balancer, restarting IIS and priming the website could be completed with a simple click of a button in Jenkins (Continuous Integration). Sounds like a dream come true. Let’s see how we were able to make this a reality! Continue reading

Powershell 101

First let me start by saying I have only been using Powershell for a month now.  The learning curve has been quick, there is a lot of great documentation online and for all you .net developers out there you’re in luck, it is build on the .net platform.

Do not be scared of this thing called Powershell, for developers and administrators it is a godsend and will make your work life 10x easier. You can write scripts to manage deployments, run maintenance scripts, or just automate manual tasks.  You can even schedule powershell scripts. Continue reading