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Auto Delete Old GitHub Branches Using Jenkins

GitHub is an extremely useful tool if you have multiple developers constantly needing to make changes to the code base. However, the repository can quickly become cluttered with branches especially if you have every developer creating a new branch for each new feature and bug fix. Constantly having to manually delete old branches can be a pain. Luckily, Jenkins can be configured to have a job that automatically deletes GitHub branches older than a given date.

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Optimize with Solr – SUGCON 2015

I have the privilege to speak at SUGCON 2015.  My talk on Optimizing with Solr includes a lot of technical information and I felt it would be helpful to the community if I wrote a blog series touching on each of the different points I’ll be making during my presentation.

The purpose of this talk and the blog series is to give you a good overview of what Solr is, how to use it, and to give solid real-world examples of how we use it.

Please enjoy the series, if you have any questions feel free to reach out by commenting, twitter (@tbraga01) or via email (  Happy to help.

Learn how to use the Solr Web Admin

Solr provides you with a really slick web interface you can use to look at the raw data living in your indexes. It gives you access to current memory levels, index sizes (both file size and how many documents are contained in the index), as well the ability to query the data. This is a tool I use nearly every day and this blog post will take you through how to use it. Continue reading

How do you reference your Dictionary?

One of the requirements for the new GoCollette website was there were to be no hard coded text on the site. If we needed a Spanish version of the site, we didn’t want it to break because we were not utilizing the CMS to what it can do naturally. Due to this requirement we needed to create many dictionary items and therefore reference them throughout the web project. Continue reading