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You cannot underestimate the importance of boosting your relevancy searches. As you can see below in the code snippet, applying a boost to your query is relatively easy. The boost method itself takes a double, which indicates how much boost you wish to apply to that condition. This ultimately affects the the sort order when the query is returned from the search provider layer. One thing to keep in mind when doing a relevancy search is that you do not want to apply sorting to the search query. Continue reading

How to build a complex index

When I originally designed the way the new Collette website would utilize Solr, the concept was to build an index to support the tour search page. To do this meant we would have to do things differently from what Sitecore was giving us with their out-of-the-box indexes. Those indexes, core, master and web I consider to be simple indexes. Continue reading

Solr in Action…Rewound

Last Wednesday Velir was nice enough to have me back to speak at the Sitecore User Group of New England.  I was able to present on how the new Collette website has utilized Solr as it’s search appliance.  What made this presentation unique from other Solr presentations is that this was an examination of a production website.  Why we went with Solr, what we used it for, and how we built it into an integral part of our website.
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