Solr in Action…Rewound

Last Wednesday Velir was nice enough to have me back to speak at the Sitecore User Group of New England.  I was able to present on how the new Collette website has utilized Solr as it’s search appliance.  What made this presentation unique from other Solr presentations is that this was an examination of a production website.  Why we went with Solr, what we used it for, and how we built it into an integral part of our website.

There were several technical points I wanted to get across during the presentation.   I will outline those below and go into more detail on each of them in subsequent blog posts.

  • How to leverage complex indexes to increase performance
  • How to use the Solr front-end dashboard
  • The advantage of using Computed Fields
  • The power of the Predicate Builder
  • Field level Boosting

The presentation at the User Group was recorded and within the next couple of days I’ll post a link to it on the blog site.  In the meantime here is a link to my prezi

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